Business Advisory

Business advice & health checks

For any advice or support that you might need, or think you need in order to successfully manage your business, please contact the office.

Your enquiries will be treated in a thorough manner while still remaining sensitive to the requirements and capabilities of each individual customer.

Business planning & strategy

We help clients with their business planning and strategy, in order for them to generate new sales revenue, achieve growth and increased profit.

Business start up service

Many people incorrectly think that using a professional service provider like an accountant or a tax specialist must be complicated to set up.

In fact the process is quite simple and we will give you help along the way should you need it.

If you are interested in any of our services:

  • Contact our office so we can arrange a free interview to find out what you really need.
  • We will then provide you with a free no obligation quotation.
  • If you decide to use our services you need to formally accept the quotation.
  • We will send you a standard engagement letter and tax authority letter.


If you are interested in any of our accounting services and currently have an accountant, you will need to write a letter formally confirming that you will be transferring to Brehon.

If this is required we will let you know at the interview stage. We are also able to help you with the wording of the letter in order to make the handover of information as smooth as possible.

Benchmark & performance reporting

We help clients with benchmark & performance reporting.

Cashflow analysis

Cash is the oxygen that enables a business to prosper and without cash, it will die. So cash in and out need careful monitoring and management.

We offer a professional service to periodically perform cash flow analysis. This can then be used to help management make key business decisions.

Cash flow forecasting will provide you with essential business information that can be used in many ways, including:

  • Use the forecast to help spot problems, for instance, poor credit control.
  • Avoid the problems of over trading (where an imbalance occurs between the work a business takes on and the capacity to actually do that work).
  • Use your cash flow forecast as a business tool by seeing when problems are likely to occur and so enabling you to sort them out in advance.
  • Helping seasonal businesses manage their unique cash flows.
  • By managing cash flow effectively a business can establish a contingency plan.


We will work with you to find out your cash flow forecast needs and implement a strategy to suit your business.

For more information and a free initial consultation please contact Sarah Hancock.

Payroll services

Payroll is a key function within any organisation.

It is important to pay your staff promptly and pay them correctly.

We can help take some of the strain by processing your weekly or monthly payroll. We will discuss your requirements in order to find out what you really need.

It may be that you want us to take control of all the main aspects of the payroll function, or you may want us to act as a back up service to provide cover for periods of absence or holiday.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you in order to tailor the service to your business.

Please contact the office to arrange a free initial consultation where we will be happy to talk through your payroll requirements.

Quickbooks training & support

Quickbooks is a fantastic accounting package which we encouraging our clients to use. It is simple to use and it provides useful and up to date information about your business at the touch of a button. 

We can set your business up from scratch and provide full training to get you up and running.

Alternatively we offer a management service whereby we process your records for you, either monthly or quarterly to suit your needs.

We can also provide regular check ups of your Quickbooks information to ensure you are running your system correctly.

At Brehon we realise that your business needs come first and foremost, which is why we are able to offer training at a time that suits you, including weekends and evenings.

We are always available to answer any queries or problems that you may have with your Quickbooks, as we believe that full support is a key service requirement for our customers.

Chantal Ingrouille is our resident expert and has been using and training customers on Quickbooks for the past 10 years. She is a patient and understanding tutor who will manage the training at a pace that suits you.

Full training is possible even if you have little or no previous experience of using accounting packages.

To find out how Brehon Chartered Accountants can help your business with accounting, tax or business advisory matters, please ask for a free initial consultation, contact Sarah Hancock on 01481 233009 or email

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